Recovery & Processing

All electronic waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous, is recovered and handled by PT. Citra Asia Raya with safety, customer security, and environmental friendliness in mind. Currently, all hazardous electronic waste is processed by the factory in-house, whereas non-hazardous waste is surrendered to a third party. The final products resulting from the processing of hazardous waste are ingots of purified precious metals, which may be sold. The following is an overview of the steps involved in the recovery and processing of electronic waste:

  • Electronic waste is received and transported by a licensed armada from the pick-up point to the processing plant
  • Electronic waste is weighed
  • Electronic waste is dismantled and materials separated by type and if considered hazardous or not
  • Separated materials, i.e. steel, plastic, copper, etc., are weighed, and a detailed report is sent to the customer regarding the percentages present of each material, as well as specification as to what is hazardous and needs to be processed in-house and what is non-hazardous and may be sold
  • Hazardous materials are melted down and destroyed through an innovative smelting process
  • Non-hazardous materials are sold


  • Environmentally Friendly Process and Values
  • Less Waste through Maximization of Recycling
  • One Stop Solution from Transport to Recycled Product
  • Fully Licensed and Registered with the Indonesian Government
  • Trustworthiness based in Detailed and Transparent Reporting
  • Convenient and Efficient Service
  • Safe and Secure Processing of Hazardous Waste and Confidential Materials