About Us

PT. Citra Asia Raya was established by Hok Hie and Irwan on the island of Batam. This company specializes in the processing and recovery of hazardous waste, mainly from electronics (E-Waste).  The nation of Indonesia, with a population of nearly 300 million people, produces a large amount of electronic waste, from computers and printers, to televisions and phones.

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Vision & Mission


  • Create and Support Environmental Awareness
  • Become Leaders in the Electronic Waste Management Industry
  • Provide Recycling Solutions to the Manufacturing Industry
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


PT. Citra Asia Raya endeavors to support the Environmental Conservation efforts of the Indonesian Government through the participation in and encouragement of the recycling, recovery, and handling of hazardous waste, because through this, the Earth’s Natural Resources can be conserved for future Generations.


The official licensing of PT. Citra Asia Raya from the Indonesian government, specifically the Environmental and Forestry Ministry, is as follows:

Head Office Licensing

License for the Utilization of Toxic and Hazardous Waste Decision of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry S.396/Menlhk/setjen/PLB.3/6/2019

Core Values

Security & Confidentiality

Confidentiality is a high priority of ours when dealing with the sensitive information.

Problem Solving

We take pride in discovering and providing solutions to unsolved problems.

Integrity & Transparency

We appreciate doing things the right way, from providing detailed reporting.

Environmental Friendliness

Our company’s tagline: “Recycling Today for a Green Generation Tomorrow,”.